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Recommendations and interventions for improving Hispanic employees' health and safety in 24/7 operations
Nearly 30% of American women work evening and weekend hours and 46% of shiftworkers rely on their spouse or partner…
How to reduce the frequency and severity of ergonomic injuries at shiftwork operations
The challenges of operating 24/7, focusing on scheduling, training, and staffing
Explore and learn to manage unrecognized costs, risks, and liabilities of shiftwork operations.
How to implement flexible scheduling solutions in extended hours operations
Recommendations and intervention programs for health concerns common in 24/7 operations
Human resources initiatives to improve morale and work/life balance for employees, improve production, and increase profits
Benefits and consequences of overtime, including optimum levels and effects on health and productivity
The Industry’s Only Comprehensive Benchmarking & Best Practices Report of their Shiftwork Practices (PDF)
More than 100 best practices tips for managers of shiftworkers
Understanding human limits in a world that never stops

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